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COVID-19 Client Guidelines

Refresh. Wellness is excited to be reopening and welcoming clients back! The staff has been working diligently to ensure we are prepared for opening and that all safety protocols are in place. However, we require cooperation from everyone, including our clients.


Please read carefully and ensure you abide by the following mandatory steps:



  1. Clients MUST complete a COVID-19 Prescreen. The Prescreen is a short questionnaire to ensure clients are not symptomatic. This will be sent to your provided email prior to each treatment (if you do not see it in their inbox be sure to check junk/spam/other folders). If you have not provided an email or completed the online document you will receive a call to do so.

  2.  Clients MUST update their current health history – this will be sent via email (again, if it does not go directly to inbox please check spam/junk/other folder). If an email is not on file, the practitioner will update it verbally on the computer or have you fill out a paper copy.


  1.  Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to the appointment time. When you arrive please STAY in your vehicle, you will then text or call 226-456-4296 with your name. Your practitioner will then return your text/call when you may enter the building. We also ask that you please arrive alone.

  2.  Upon entering the building, you will notice your practitioner is wearing a mask –these masks are changed after every appointment.

  3.  ALL clients are required to wear a disposable surgical or personal cloth mask during their appointment (this is mandated by the CCO and CMTO). If you require accommodation or cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons please contact your practitioner. Masks will be available to clients and will be an additional $1.00 charge, but you may bring your own (cloth or clean surgical).

  4.  There is a foot pedal garbage can at the front door where you can dispose of PPE after your treatment.

  5.  Clients will be asked to sanitize their hands when entering and before exiting the building. Sanitizer is provided on the reception counter.

  6.  You will then proceed to the treatment room where the practitioner will complete another Prescreen to determine if your condition has changed, if negative, they will continue with the normal intake questions to proceed with your treatment. If positive, you will be asked to leave, take a self-assessment screen, which is found on the Ministry of Health website (click button at the bottom of this page) and follow the instructed steps. We will reschedule once deemed safe.

  7.  If you are late for your appointment, we will no longer be able to extend your appointment to complete the full time you have booked. You will only receive the remaining time. We are scheduling to allow proper time between clients for full disinfection/sanitation.

  8.  Refresh. Wellness will now only be accepting DEBIT, CREDIT and INSURANCE – no cash will be accepted or available until further notice.

  9.  We ask that if you are exhibiting any signs/symptoms of COVID-19 or are ill at all, please cancel your appointment and stay home. Client and staff safety is our number one priority.


  •  Practitioners have the right to refuse treatment if clients are exhibiting any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, failed prescreening, or are uncomfortable.

  •  We are disinfecting all communal surfaces and treatment rooms between each client; linens are being washed/dried on the highest temperature possible and social distancing of 6 feet will be enforced wherever possible.

  •  Our washroom is open to the public but we ask that you only use if necessary.

  •  Our couches are not to be in use. In the case you cannot come alone, the additional person will be required to sit on one of the wipeable chairs in the lobby.

  •  We will not be able to offer coffee, tea or water for the foreseeable future so we ask that you please bring your own beverage from home if necessary.

  •  Cancellation and No-Show fees are still being enforced if there is not valid reasoning for the absence.


We appreciate your patience and understanding at this time. We are working hard to ensure this is a seamless and safe transition back to the client. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your practitioner or the team at Refresh. Wellness.

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